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KT Desert Drive: Off-road gear you must always carry for your SUV  - News | Khaleej Times

Looking for adventure in Arabia? Then, why not sign up for the KT Desert Drive 2022 and explore the dunes of Ras Al Khaimah this November.

But if you thought all you need to get by in a session of dune bashing is a 4x4, some enthusiasm, and a heavy right foot, someone needs to remind you that the desert — although quiet and beautiful in its own way — can also be harsh and unforgiving, especially for the unsuspecting city dweller.

So, from the long list of essential equipment and accessories that one can carry on these off-road trips we’ve picked out a few to help make your journeys a tad easier:

1. Always carry an air compressor! The need to deflate your tyres for larger contact patches is necessary in most cases. But once you are ready to get back on the road, you will have to refill those tyres back to the optimum pressure.

2. While fender benders out in the desert are not as common as videos may suggest they do happen and sometimes with the chance of a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and in a place that is easily accessible. Also keep a First Aid Kit ready, one that includes bandages, alcohol swaps etc.

3. With the harsh terrain comes the possibility of a puncture, so also carry a spare tyre and an off-road jack to help make that swap. A solid wooden board which will give you a temporary surface to place your jack also helps.

4. A mechanical tool kit is essential for any vehicle. It usually includes an adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, a hammer etc. These tools will help you out with trailside repairs and give you some reassurance especially if you are miles away from the nearest workshop. A pair of work gloves will also give you that protection during those moments of manual labour.

5. A simple and affordable portable jump starter kit with a lithium-ion battery pack and cables with “croc” clamps is a must-have. Some of them also provide portable power for electronics and other gadgets, too.

6. An electric winch and an earth anchor are the ideal accessories for self-recovery. But also make sure you carry a tow strap (or rope) and shackles to help a stranded fellow.

7. Traction boards/mats may also provide a simple alternative to get yourself out of a fix. These nylon recovery boards also double as shovels for digging out sand, fire pits or temporary toilets for your camp.

8. For longer trips or more technical trails, it is recommended that you carry some extra fuel. Using a jerry can, which can easily be mounted on the tailgate is a simple way to achieve this. The plastic varieties are also good for reducing noise.

9. For improved visibility between those cascading dunes, it is recommended to mount a tall quick-release off-road flagpole. Also, consider installing auxiliary hood- or roof-mounted lights which will help you, the driver, seek out a path in the dark hours.

10. Most SUVs usually come with a cooled large central cubby in which you can keep a couple of soft beverages and electrolyte drinks. But if you are travelling with friends and family, you can always carry an additional portable cool box.

11. If the unthinkable happens and you are stuck in the sand by yourself or stranded for other technical reasons, something as simple as a whistle may prove useful. A flare kit is also another way to grab attention.

For some of you, just reading this mini-list may get you all excited about off-roading. But here’s a word of caution! Always purchase genuine gear and accessories that are also weatherproof so that they do not fail you in that crucial time of need.

The 4th edition of the KT Desert Drive is being organized in Ras Al Khaimah on November 26. Tickets went on sale on November 10 and are now available at https://www.ktdesertdrive.com/online-booking/tickets.php.

For more details check out https://www.ktdesertdrive.com/index.html

The KT Desert Drive is also supported by:

Jeep and Trading Enterprises (Lead sponsor); Goodyear (Strategic sponsor); Castrol Magnatec: SUV (Exclusive lubricant sponsor); Nature Valley (Nutrition sponsor); Baskin Robbins (Gold Sponsor); Al Hamra Golf Club (Hospitality partner); Jeepers Edition (Support); Cafu (Mobile fuelling partner); Al Ain (Water partner); Abela & Co. (Lunch sponsor)

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KT Desert Drive: Off-road gear you must always carry for your SUV  - News | Khaleej Times

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