SEMA 2022: Overland Vehicle Systems Makes Off-Road Camping Luxurious

2022-12-20 16:55:08 By : Mr. Leo Wang

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If you are an overland enthusiast, you might have heard of Overland Vehicle Systems (OVS). If you have not, their motto is “to inspire people to adventure” and their business is curating top-tier vehicle-based camping gear. They have the staple products like roof top tents, shelters, cargo containers, storage, and organization systems, but it is the useful odds and ends that complete the package. Outdoor Lamps

SEMA 2022: Overland Vehicle Systems Makes Off-Road Camping Luxurious

During the 2022 SEMA Show, President and CEO of Overland Vehicle Systems, Sean Angues gave Off Road Xtreme a tour of a very tricked-out 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser. This rig was marvelously built with entertaining in mind. We also got an inside look at some of their popular products and newest equipment.

This 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser was the prominent centerpiece in the Overland Vehicle Systems SEMA booth.

Roof top tents are big business in the world of overlanding. They have become commonplace at SEMA, especially in the West Hall where we found many display vehicles outfitted. OVS had a variety of tent systems in their booth and several more are listed in the current catalog. The website is the best place to start if you are trying to find the right tent for you.

Roof top tents, shelters, and awnings are a big part of Overland Vehicle Systems portfolio of products.

The newest version is called the Sidewinder. It shares the same construction as the top-of-the-line Mamba but opens from the side. This configuration provides a much more useable space compared to the traditional clamshell that pinches down from one end. Here is a quick preview video of the Sidewinder hard shell roof top tent.

Sleeping comfortably on top of your rig is one thing, but living comfortably is a whole other ordeal. How does one haul the amenities of home while on road and living out of your vehicle? It all comes down to appropriate storage and accommodating organization.

It appears Overland Vehicle Systems has mastered this arena with their CP Duty Glamping Products. I really liked what I would call a slide-out “pantry” storage system. The structure is tall and long, but narrow so it does not take a large footprint. It had three rows of shelving with bungee cord retention ropes to keep goods in place. Designed to be reversible, it can be configured for either the driver’s side or the passenger side of the vehicle.

Overlanding is about outdoor adventures. Storage and organization makes that a deluxe experience.

I also thought the 39 Piece Glamping Kitchen System was quite the marvel. If you have many mouths to feed this would really be the ticket to camping opulence. Besides the few products featured here, OVS has traditional wax canvas bags, aluminum storage boxes, and new modern containers made of durable Polyethylene LLLDPE Materials.

Now that OVS has off-road campers living large and off the grid, it is time to take a look at some necessary equipment to maintain this lifestyle. Their specialized Up Down Air System brand and products are really an essential upgrade for any serious off-roader. Having the ability to easily air up and air down should not be a novelty. They have expertly curated these kits to have it all and can even include vehicle-specific mounting options.

Airing down your tires might keep the best of us from getting stuck, but if and when the time comes, Overland Vehicle Systems has that covered as well. Their line of high-quality winching and recovery equipment should not be overlooked. OVS offers it all including soft and hard shackles, tow straps and kinetic ropes, snatch blocks and recovery rings, shovels and recovery boards, fairleads and distribution links, tow hitch receiver pull mounts, and more.


















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SEMA 2022: Overland Vehicle Systems Makes Off-Road Camping Luxurious

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