Outdoor P10mm front desk outdoor LED display

P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display Lower Power Consumption High Quality LED Display Panel10.0mm pixel pitch LED display, 7,500nits+ brightness, 1920Hz+ refresh rate, lower power consumptionOutdoor Advertisement LED video panelFeatures a rugged reliability cabinet designOutdoor high-quality DIP346 LED lampLower power consumpti

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P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display Lower Power Consumption High Quality LED Display PanelOutdoor P10mm Front Service Outdoor LED Display

10.0mm pixel pitch LED display, 7,500nits+ brightness, 1920Hz+ refresh rate, lower power consumption

  • Outdoor Advertisement LED video panel
  • Features a rugged reliability cabinet design
  • Outdoor high-quality DIP346 LED lamp
  • Lower power consumption
  • Designed for fixed outdoor installation
  • 24*7 hours performance

Silu`s P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display is rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled high brightness but lower power consumption. The P10mm outdoor energy saving DIP346 LED display delivers the perfect quality images at all times, even in direct sunlight. 

Full-colour P10mm DIP346 LED lamp LED display panel is highly reliable that can satisfy all kinds of demands of outdoor commercial digital media, and it is a hot seller LED display product in the past few years. 

Currently, the P10mm Epstar DIP346 LED screen panel has advantages like customized sizes and colours, high-definition, friendly user interface and multi-functional control methods.

The P10mm DIP346 outdoor fixed LED display can be hanging, stacking, installation into the wall and so on, it can be designed as front open, front access LED screens to make the maintenance easy.

P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display LED Module Configuration

  • Famous Epstar/Cree*/Nicha* DIP LED Lamps
  • 2 Layers 1.6mm Thickness Class-A PCB
  • MBI5124 Performance Driving ICs
  • Private Pure Plastic Module Fame and Black Inkjet Mask
  • Front and Back Access Service Possibility*Outdoor P10mm Front Service Outdoor LED Display
  • Outdoor P10mm Front Service Outdoor LED Display

    P10mm Outdoor LED Display LED Cabinet Configuration

  • Steel or Aluminum Material LED Cabinet
  • 960mmx960mm Standard Panel Size
  • Meanwell 5V60A Power Supply
  • Nova or Colorlight Receiving Card* (Option)
  • Pure Copper Wire Cables
  • IP65/IP67 Grade Waterproof
  • Outdoor P10mm Front Service Outdoor LED Display
  • Outdoor P10mm Front Service Outdoor LED Display
  • P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display Description

    Silu`s P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display comes in a rugged and reliable waterproof LED cabinet with a shared power supply and controller and only four alignment points. In this way, it offers more flexibility and significantly shortens installation and alignment time, and dramatically reduces weight, the P10mm DIP346 outdoor LED display is designed for fixed installation in 24*7 outdoor branding and advertising.

    Energy Saving High Brightness DIP346 LED Lamps

    Silu chooses the high reliable and high brightness Epstar-brand DIP346 LED lamps to ensure the P10mm outdoor LED display excellent performance, long lifetime and good consistency which meet the needs of high-brightness, 1920+ Hz refresh rate and display keeping natural colour at one time with best colour uniformity and fidelity.

    To satisfy the high-end market`s requests, we also offer to use Cree and Nicha high-level DIP346 LED lamps.

    Easy Installation and Service

    The DIP346 outdoor LED display has a longer lifetime and steady operation and working than SMD3535 LED display, even working in very cold or very hot weather conditions, this DIP346 outdoor LED panel won`t let you down, that`s why we say it is easy to install and service, the operator will be easy to be able to carry out routine maintenance of the P10mm DIP346 outdoor LED display. 

    Well-Known Meanwell Brand Power Supply

    All series outdoor fixed installation LED display is adopting Meanwell power supply, electro-optic conversion ratio up to 82%, low heat dissipation and long life span. 

    Outdoor LED Display Various Application

    The P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display is specifically designed for fixed installations in, performances, branding, DOOH (advertising) and retail applications, it comes at a reliable price without compromising on performance and reliability by building on our experience with high-end DIP LED technology.

    High-Performance Outdoor LED Digital Display

    This kind of P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display features a unique shader design with louvres that minimize the reflection and impact of the sun on the LEDs, offering enhanced contrast levels and improved contrast/brightness ratio. The P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display allows for lower absolute brightness levels that guarantee a longer LED lifetime without compromising on image quality.

    Other Key Benefits

  • Excellent lifetime
  • Lowest power consumption in its class
  • Minimum installation and service costs
  • High brightness and ultimate reliability
  • Special adapt to extremely hot and cold surroundings
  • Easy front and back access*
  • Advanced web-based setup, monitoring and control
  • IP65 Grade and Waterproof Cabinet Design (up to IP67)

    The unique waterproof design is highly dustproof and waterproof and also it is able to be directly installed on outdoor occasions. The special design structure of P10mm DIP346 outdoor LED display is exterior with IP65/IP67 grade and the cabinets are moisture and corrosion-proof to work in all weather conditions.

    P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display Specification

    P10mm Outdoor DIP346 LED Video Display
    Pixel Pitch10.0mm
    LED BrandEpistar or Cree* or Nichia*
    Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
    Pixel Density10,000 Pixels/m²
    LED Module160mm x 160mm (6.3" x 6.3")
    16 pixels x 16 pixels
    LED Cabinet960mm x 960mm (37.8"x37.8")
    (96 pixels x 96 pixels)
    Material: Steel or Aluminum
    Steel: < 45Kg (< 61.6 Lbs or 99 Lbs) 
    Aluminum: < 36Kg (< 46.2 Lbs or 79.2 Lbs )
    Working VoltageAC220V±10%; AC110V±10%
    Power ConsumptionAverage 312W/m² / Max 651W/m²
    Maximum Brightness> 7,500 (10,000+) cd/m²
    Refresh Frequency> 1920Hz/S
    Change Frame Frequency60Hz~ >60Hz
    Drive Mode1/4 Scanning
    Total Colors281 Trillion Colors
    Grade LevelRGB 4096 Grade
    Best Viewing Distance10m~>500m (32ft~>1600ft)
    Best Viewing AngleHorizontally 110° / Vertically 110°
    Screen Lifetime> 100,000 hours
    Protection LevelFront IP65/IP67* / Rear IP54
    Control System ¹Simple LED Video Control System or Advanced LED Video Processor
    Ambient Temperature-40°C ~ 60°C (-30°F ~ 150°F)
    Relative Humidity10%~90%
    Input SignalRF S-Video RGB RGBHV YUVYC etc.
    Brightness Adjustment256 levels of each colour (RGB) can be adjusted manually and 8 levels of each colour can be adjusted automatically. Optional control system: 256 levels of each colour can be adjusted 100% automatically. (8bit / 16bit / 18bit / 24bit)
    Package MaterialWooden Case / Flight Case
    Warranty ³3 Years (5 Years for Cree and Nichia)
  • WIFI/LAN/WAN/3G/WIMAX control system is available upon request.
  • The intelligent multifunctional card is available with an automatic brightness sensor to save energy including an outside temperature sensor.
  • Three years warranty extension program available for 10mm pixel pitch full-colour P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Display.

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