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REVIEW – Every gamer, from the professionals to the weekend wannabe warriors, needs a good gaming chair when whiling away the hours in front of their computer.  A good gaming chair is not only comfortable and ergonomic, but it also has some pizzazz as well.  All of these come together in the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair.

This is a Transformer-themed gaming chair for small- to medium-sized gamers, those who are 5’9” or less and 200 lbs or less.  It comes stylized as either Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime, or their arch-enemy, Megatron.  The seat is made of premium PVC leather, the frame is 100% steel, and the lift cylinder uses pneumatic gas.  The back can recline nearly to a horizontal position, the seat can raise 3.5 inches, and the arms can raise 2.7 inches.  It includes both lumbar and head pillows.  AndaSeat is a “Chinese based gaming chair manufacturing company” that launched its esports gaming chair brand of the same name in 2016; its mission is to “provide professional, healthy and comfortable gaming experiences.”  It partners with Esports organizations like Fnatic and NAVI. Pink Gaming Chair

AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair review - The Gadgeteer

The AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair arrived unassembled in a large box, and the pieces looked well-protected.

There were five main pieces:  the back, the seat, the two pillows, and the wheel base.

A smaller box included the manual and the remaining parts.

All the specifications can be found on this image.

The most obvious feature of the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair is the Transformer hero theming.  Megatron is large and in charge on the back; his face is also on the lumbar pillow and his name on the front of the seat.  Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime stand out even more on their chairs.  The artwork is beautiful, and the stitching on the pillow is amazing.  I love the way this chair looks.

Once you get past the theme, the Transformers Edition chairs are actually Phantom 3 Series Premium Office Gaming Chair rebranded; in fact, the manual says it’s for the Phantom 3.  In many ways, this is a very typical gaming chair.  There’s a very tall backrest with a small pillow for the head, which attaches to the back using magnets (very cool!).

The back and seat are contoured, like a seat in a racing car.  The seat can be adjusted up and down as can the arms, and the back reclines.  The lumbar support is not adjustable, but a pillow does provide lumbar support.

The primary thing that sets the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair apart from the last chair that I tested is quality.  Anda Seat’s chair is clearly several steps above entry-level chairs.  The leather, though PVC, looks and feels very nice, and the pillows feel almost lush to the touch.  The frame is steel and gives the sense of being very solid; there’s no chance it’s going to tip me over, even though I’m taller than the recommended max height.  There’s foam in the armrests and the seat feels very comfortable like it would be just fine to sit here for a few hours.

I really like the design of the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair, both its premium construction and its beautiful theming.

This manual is amazing, almost perfect.  It’s professionally written and designed and beautifully illustrated.  It’s hands-down the best manual I’ve ever seen while working for The Gadgeteer, and that is by a long shot.  That’s despite step 11 having the wrong instructions, as someone cut-and-paste the instructions from step 10 to step 11.  Other gadget makers should consult with Anda Seat for advice on how to write a good manual.

I followed the steps in the manual, which were easy to complete, and finished assembling the chair in 15 minutes.  First, I attached the casters to the wheel base, inserted the piston, and put on the sleeve.

Second, I attached the back to the seat and added the side covers, which are also magnetic.

Third, I attached the tilt mechanism to the bottom of the seat and then inserted the piston to it.

The final step was to set the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair up and attach the pillows.  Easy.

“I’ll crush you with my bare hands!” —Megatron

Although the AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair feels sturdy to me, I am several inches taller than the recommended max height.  I enlisted my wife, who is 5’4”, to help test the chair.  After using it for a few weeks, there are some things that she likes about it, and some that she does not.

First, the things she likes:  The chair feels very sturdy and well-built.  The seat is plush and comfortable,  enough so that she was happy to sit on it for a few hours at a time while working.  She’s used to an office chair, and she found that she really likes the taller back and the neck pillow.

Then, the things she doesn’t.  The front portion of the seat is tilted upward, which constantly pushes her into the back of the chair; there’s no way to adjust this angle.  The lower back of the chair is too shallow, which is why Anda Seat includes the lumbar pillow.  Unfortunately for my wife, the lumbar pillow hits her in the wrong part of her back. It supports her very low on her back, but it needs to provide support higher up.  There’s no way to adjust the pillow—it would be awesome if there were a set of magnets in the back of the chair so she could put the pillow wherever she needs it—and thus the pillow always felt a bit awkwardly placed.

Megatron looks and feels like a premium chair—and it’s probably going to be just fine for casual gamers—though it doesn’t offer all the adjustments of a really good ergonomic office chair, like we normally use.

“Exterminating you was so gratifying the first three times.” —Megatron

Megatron is one of three options in AndaSeat’s line of Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chairs.  These chairs have a steel frame, premium PVC leather, a pair of cushions, and most conspicuously, a striking Transformers theme.  The chair is both sturdy and comfortable, ready to be gamed in for hours at a time.  My wife, who is 5’4”, found that the lumbar pillow was positioned a bit too low on her back to provide the support she wanted, but otherwise, she was happy while testing it.  I think that most short- to medium-sized gamers who love the Transformers are going to love this chair.

AndaSeat ’s Black Friday sale is already in effect until November 31st. The transformer gaming chair has a $40 discount and their Kaiser 3 has the biggest discount with $200 off when you order directly from

Price: $399.99 Where to buy:  AndaSeat’s online store and Amazon Source: The sample for this review was provided by AndaSeat.

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AndaSeat Transformers Edition Premium Gaming Chair review - The Gadgeteer

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